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19 September 2008 @ 09:10 pm


Question: "What is the message that you want to convey through your music to your fans worldwide?"

Tatsurou: "The message we'd like to convey is that you're, say, not having a good day or you're bored with your life.. Our message is to let our music make you forget those kinds of troubles, and just take a big jab at life."

This entry contains nothing but positively retarded men (As well as a sexually starved alter-ego, maybe a few cats and dogs).
They are talented, they are beautiful, and they all have the mind of a 5 year old.
They are MUCC. They are all on crack and I love them.

Four men, who ever since I was first introduced to them, have given me the upmost happiness through their actions and their music.
As bokuwasado  once said: "I think its one of the best feelings in the world -- to meet your idol and have them appreciate you as much as you appreciate and adore them."

And yes, she was right. Completely and absolutely right.

There's not one song that doesn't leave me in awe. And they never fail to impress me with their dedication to their fans and their relentlessly work ethnics, always pushing themselves to the limit, spreading their amazing messages and amazing music throughout the world. Seeing them perform live and meeting them was definitely one of the best days of my life, and it cemented what I had known all along. That these four men really are one of a kind. And regardless of what other fandoms I become distracted by, I somehow always come back to the one group that has never let me down.

I love these guys, I really do.
With this post, I hope some of my other friends acknowledge how truly amazing they are as people as well.

"Question: If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?

MUCC: Lets answer this question with ideas that each of us come up with right now…

Tatsuro: Fastball, Walk him, Homerun!

Satochi: Walking, Running, Flying

Miya: Honesty, Passion, Delicacy

Yukke: Steak, Salad, Sushi"

Tatsurou and YUKKE
Because true love should be bizarre, perverse and sadistic.

"TATSUROU: Right before every show, before I go on stage, the stage manager would remind me of the location and I’d say, for example, if this was Phoenix (Reanna's Note: My city! ♥), I’d say “Phoenix! What’s up motherfxxkers!!”

(Group laughter)

JRR: You should say it today, too!

TATSUROU: Really? If someone throws something to the stage you’ll block it right?

(Group laughter)

MIYA: [The English phrase I’ve learned is] Very kind. Fxxking awesome.

TATSUROU: Fxxking amazing.

MIYA: Very huge. So far. Very near.

YUKKE: Hoochie mama.

(Group laughter)

JRR: Why?!?

YUKKE: Someone called me that, because once I had to dress up like a girl for a photo shoot [for a magazine] and walk around in the venue.

SATOCHI: No titties no life.
(Group laughter)"

MUCC is:
My Favorite Pug

Stage name: Tatsurou
Real name: Iwagami Tatsurou
Part: Vocals, Harmonica
Birthdate: 21st August 1979
Birthplace: Mito, Ibaraki
Bloodtype: A
Star sign: Leo
Height: 182cm
Weight: 60kg
Special skills: Gaming, cooking, drawing, being fashionable (according to him)
Pets: Cat called Tetochi, two turtles called Kameko and Tenkun
According to him: Super selfish, kind to all animals except man, shy, bully, perverse, the king of lying
According to Satochi: Egotistic, pure, insincere
According to Miya: Weird, not normal
According to Yukke: Interesting

(With Taka of the underneath)

(With Zero of D'espairsRay)

&Because I love Animal People~

(Tatsurou's baby, Tetochi)

The Masochistic Mango Fiend

Stage name: Yukke/Yuketsuko
Real name: Fukuno Yusuke
Part: 5-string bass/upright bass
Birthdate: 5th November 1979
Birthplace: Ishioka, Ibaraki
Bloodtype: A
Star sign: Scorpio
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55kg
Pets: Cat called Chai-kun, used to have a hamster
According to him: Mean
According to Satochi: Has a tendency to be a bit of a baby
According to Tatsurou: Extremely sensitive, always cries, serious
According to Miya: Always rushes around impatiently

(With Ryutaro of Plastic Tree)

The Amazing Nose - Same face since 2000

Stage name: Satochi
Real name: Takayasu Satoshi
Part: Drums
Birthdate: 12th August 1979
Birthplace: Mito, Ibaraki
Bloodtype: A
Star sign: Leo
Height: 170cm
Weight: 62kg
Hobbies: Surfing, basketball
Dog he wants: A tosa, so he can draw eyebrows on it with magic marker
According to him: A kind, friendly big brother, cheerful, easygoing, worries a lot, timid, always tries his best
According to Tatsurou: Simple, delicate, super serious
According to Miya: Retard
According to Yukke: Retard

Demon Eyes - Not immune to the Retardation

Stage name: Miya
Real name: Yaguchi Masaaki
Part: 7-string guitar, Leader and Mastermind, Backup Vocals
Birthdate: 26th July 1979
Birthplace: Ishioka, Ibaraki
Bloodtype: O
Star sign: Leo
Height: 166cm
Weight: 54kg
Hobbies: Observing people, thinking about moving
Pets: Chihuahua called Gizmo
According to him: Pessimistic, can be a bit of an air head
According to Satochi: Like a typical father figure, too serious
According to Tatsurou: Never gets perturbed, awkward
According to Yukke: Good and bad and big, adult

(With his baby, Gizmo.)


T = Tatsurou
H = Hitsugi (of Nightmare)
I = Interviewer

"T: By the way Hitsugi, did you know there's male and female seaweed?
H: Again with the really random talk (lol). No, I didn't know. How do you distinguish them?
T: The female ones right, they have boobs.
H: ........................
T: SERIOUSLY, they do. So next time if you say that in front of everyone, they'd be all like "whoaa cool, Hitsugi's so in the know!", and then you'd definitely be heaps popular.
H: And that's definitely a lie."

T: I've never really fully exploded at anyone though. Have you? How do you lose your head? Of course with your piercings and stuff you jump out at people all like BWAHH! AGHH!! right
H: I don't do that! (lol)
T: So then what do you do? Do you become like Shrek or something
H: No!! (lol)
T: You DON'T?! How surprising!!
H: Why are you surprised! Wouldn't it be more surprising if I DID turn into Shrek?
T: Ummm.... not really."

I: By the way Tatsurou......what you hinted at Yomi......
T: What? Me? What did I say?!
I: You told him to persist in his dieting.
H: Ahahaha. Yeah yeah, you did say that Tatsurou-san! (lol)
T: ..what did I say?
I: You said "Hey you, if you can't get thin, it's cos you're like, 'I was skinny right up until before the photoshoot, but then I just went on the rebound afterwards!' and then you just get even fatter than you are now! So don't do it anymore!"
T: Oh. I did say that didn't I.
I: Do you two have pets?
H: Yup. I have a dog.
T: Ohh, that gross dog?
H: Hey! You're wrong, it's cute!!
T: Oh, i used to have a dog called pess. Corpse.... corpse.... oh, is it called Corpse then?
H: It's Cocoa!! COCOA! Oh, cos ages ago when we did a live with mucc, Cocoa was backstage with us and all of a sudden Tatsurou-san was like "what's it's name? hey, since it's with a coffin* it must be called Corpse right?" (lol) So cruel! He was just joking around though (lol)
T: What the hell kind of name is Cocoa! Why "Cocoa"?! Because it's cocoa-coloured?! That's retarded.
H: I'm not saying it isn't! But I'm seriously regretting it now because of all this fuss (lol)
T: Then why don't you let me name it!
H: No way! You have completely weird taste in names!
T: What are you saying!! I have a totally completely awesome sense of naming. For example, I named my friend's white rabbit "Daifuku".
H: See, completely wrong (lol)
T: I named Yukke's cat too. Because I said that it was like milk tea coloured. So it became Chai.
H: Ah, Chai is a cute name!
T: Obviously. Do you have a long-haired dog? If so, then Long would be a good name.
H: No, I'm not calling it that.
T: But it's a good name. "Oi, Long" (lol)
H: NO! Completely not! Do you have any pets Tatsurou-san?
T: A cat.
H: What's its name?
T: Cat.
H: ...........you're lying.
T: I'm lying. It's Teto.
I: Why Teto?
T: Because I like Nausicaa.
I: I see. You really like Ghibli don't you.
T: Yup.
H: What's your favourite?
T: "Nausicaa" or "Laputa" or "Princess Mononoke." Have you read the original "Nausicaa"? There's so many meanings of all kinds of things in it and it's really deep and stuff.
H: Isn't the original Nausicaa for little kids?
T: It's totally not for little kids. Speaking of which, you aren't very tall are you?
H: Hey....(lol)"

Only MUCC could successfully pull off this amount of retardation. Beautiful, it is. 

Because YUKKE is clearly kinky, bizarre and out of his fucking mind.
Yuketsuko is YUKKE's female alter-ego. Once a month, he dresses up as a female and let his fellow members do what they want with him.. Because he's "such a bitch".

Fact: Yuketsuko is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

FORENOTE: Yuketsuko advises that you read this while listening to the most painful love song of your favourite band on endless repeat.

"31st August

It seems like MUCC-sama's schedule today involves some kind of planning conference at Universal at 3, so I got there just a tiny bit early to wait for Tatasama ?
Sigh... ?
Just him and me, the virgin, spending time together, alone... ?
I guess Tatasama won't get here any time soon ?

Just as I was attempting to take my underwear off on the street...
"Heyyy...."....! Kyaaa ?
Tatasama had made his arrival~! ?
Without bothering to pay attention to my sexy show time*, he walked off towards the conference room ?
...So...so cool~ ?

The conference has begun~! ?
And finally, it's the end of 2006's Devilish Year!
What kind of things will they do in 2007!? was the agenda~ ?
Tatasama's right hand was like a ballerina!
One by one nice opinions were made to dance upon the pure white board~ ???

Finally, at long last, we saw the MUCC of 2007~!
Tatasama's opinion was approved ?
Everyone else at Universal joined in this shocking plan of Tatasama's too (Ohh...so we could do it that way too...!)(This is a complete revolution of the music industry!!) Just a lot of that kind of feeling~ ?

After the conference had ended, Tatasama left behind Universal, as though he were running away from something ?
...I eventually managed to lose sight of him.....

(...this....I still haven't accomplished my goal today. The truth is..... I..... I'll tell it to all you readers ok. This day today, is even more important than Christmas..... I..... for the first time in my life..... for the sake of a man..... I knitted gloves. Since in winter, your hands would freeze on a motorcycle**.... so today... today, no matter what.... when it's just the two of us..... I want to give them to him. They're such horribly made gloves but.... I want to give them to him at any cost (cry) Because it would be ok even if he just gave me a "thankyou".... because it would be ok even if he didn't.... Please.... please answer the phone.......!!)

Yuketsuko: (on the phone) Ta....Tatasama!?
Man: WHAT.
Yuketsuko: Where... where are you now!?
Man: Shibuya. I'm going to a live at O-West.
Yuketsuko: To... Today's my "report coverage day" so.... is it.... is it ok if... if I come too?
Man: K whatever.

I found Tatasama at O-West! ?
Tatasama had received Inugami's mini album, "machiwabita hi", in front of their dressing room, so he was in a good mood ?
Speaking of Inugami Circus Dan, the sister of my heart... Kyoko nee-san, was there! ?
I had to go greet her! ?
It was a long time since I last met her, so I took a souvenir photo ?
Although I wasn't able to feel up Akira nii-san's ass ? (lol)

As I came out from the dressing room, there was Tatasama, sitting on the stairs ?
My beloved handsome boy, just there...!! ???
The live had finished, and there was no one else around but Kenzo-kun from Ayabie ?
Today is my important day with Tatasama... and yet Kenzo, despite seeming to be puzzled by my maidenly character, violates me with his smiling face. I had to leave that place immediately!! ??

Excited from Inugami's live, me and Tatasama went to his Maruyamacho*** ???
You could say we were just going home but.... (S...Soon with Tatasama... we'll get to somewhere with just the two of us.... this... I must give it to him....)

By the way, today is Halloween. In Maruyamacho young people can do nothing but hang out and do whatever their hearts desire... So it is simply impossible for us to be alone... But.... the time.... ah! ?!?!?.... I was starting to get impatient, so just a little forcibly.... with all my might I was trying to drag him into a love hotel.... but!! The day.... it's almost over....
On the other hand, Tatasama was using his whole body like a spring and trying to shake me off with every last bit of strength that he had.... (But... it's not like I had any ulterior motives...)

After ten minutes of clashing might upon might, Tatasama was victorious...

Man: Don't fuck with me! Ugly bitch!!

...I crumbled. The dead leaves of Maruyamacho... the flowers of love... it seems they weren't able to bloom... (cry)
I.... wore sunglasses to hide my tears.... I wonder what kind of face I should meet him with when we next meet......

- In this cold November weather I can hear the footsteps of winter. I have nothing to comfort me, except for these gloves."

"As a matter of fact, when I was a primary school student I changed schools a lot, and at one point I stayed in America for about four months ? So I guess it put me in quite a reminiscent mood ? Even though when I was in primary school I'd only ever passed through Dayton in Daddy's car once, it was still easy to ponder about ?

Whilst I was contemplating such things, for a couple of days I'd been lying in wait at the hotel Muccsama were staying at. Me, waiting under the sofa, for the moment of recruitment. I'm gonna master every encounter like this from now on like it's the perfect long distance relationship........... yeah, I'm totally motivated, but so nervous too!! ?

Waiting time, 37 hours 50 seconds!!!! They've arrived!! ? Tatasama and Miyasama and Satochisama..... and Hizusama too!!!!!!!! ??
I'm sorry I was so enthusiastic about everyone........ Hizusama couldn't stop staring at my knee.......... surely tonight will be a hit in panties........... I mean, perhaps I shall invite him to the party tonight! lol

So anyway, roaming around the city with these members ?
Yukke? He was probably just playing Brain Training alone in his room.
The first place we went to was the accessory shop ? I tried on an earring Miyasama picked out for me ?
Bob the shop assistant (the guy in the photo) said, "I'VE NEVER SEEN SUCH A PRETTY GIRL IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!" and I was filled with joy! We took a souvenir photo behind the shop.

Next stop was the pet shop ? Thanks to all the pets that healed my tired body, even the guys who were still jealous of Bob from before were in a good mood!!

It was good they were in a good mood but....... Tatasama was being weird as always.......... it wasn't just that he wasn't talking to me, but he wouldn't touch me either......... I wonder why.......... (hmm).

The next shop everyone had assembled in front of was the big supermarket. We were one step away from it, when all of a sudden Miyasama and Satochisama split up and bolted at full speed! .........what!? What!? WHAT?! Standing there dumbfounded, I was reminded of those dragon balls after someone's made a wish, you know when they float in the air for a while and then suddenly zoom off to all different directions? They were totally like that!!!

I found Miyasama!!!!!!!!!!! .............I see............ you were scared they were gonna sell out so you rushed over here.......... for batteries.
Somehow I don't think batteries are going to sell out.

And then I found Satochisama!!!!!!!!! ...........I see......... you have a good sense of smell huh......... I guess cos you wrote in your blog about how you were looking for fabric softener and everything............

Apparently Satochisama was sniffing it to evaluate it but, it seemed to me like he just wanted to show off how great he thinks his wonderful nose is.......... is what I was thinking, when he r, a, n a, w, a, y, again, and got a T-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!

And then to where Tatasama was...........
Tatasama........... he was so completely absorbed in the RC car that he barely paid any attention to me at all............
(If he's still gonna be like that, then perhaps I shall get him fired up with jealousy!! ?)
We started heading back.

I enthusiastically turned to a rival and resolutely stuck close to Hizusama ? (Tatasama!! Look! Look behind you! I'm..........! Seriously!! ................. you're ok with this!? -cry-) Right to the very end he never even looked back once......... was I wrong!? What have I done!? If it was a terrible thing to do I swear I'll fix it!!!! -cry-........

I broke down into tears.........

And then. Tap tap........ Someone gently placed a hand on my shoulder....... !!!!!!!
Tatasama!!?? ?
It was a bit embarrassing for him to see my tear-stained face but I looked up happi-
"Hey!!!!!! Girl!!!!!!! Welcome my Jungle!! Ha haaaa!?"
Hey!! What are you doing!! Kyaaaaaa!! Someoonnneee!! One of those four people I waited for from Japan!! Don't pretend you can't see me!!!!!! He..................

She can never win.

Yuketsuko is truly a filthy, masochistic little bitch.

Nothing is better then Stupid in Action~:


There's.. so much I wanted to add. So much crack, so much MUCC love, but I spent the majority of the day on this as it is. ROTFL. I hope it's amusing, at very least. Might make another one with more crack at a later time, yes.
Current Mood: amused
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ぐっちゃ☆ ♫ Forever ムックguccha on September 20th, 2008 05:59 pm (UTC)
Awwww, i'm glad it helped.
I hope everything works out alright. D: Stay optimistic~ ♥
jenlovesmi on September 20th, 2008 07:08 pm (UTC)
I left a nice comment, but it refused to post =_=
Let me see if I can remember what I was going to say.

I actually read most of it, looked at all the pictures, and saw all the videos. All I can say is, they look like of the type of people that are cool to hang out with. Thank you for the pimping, I have learned more about them and I mean it in a good way. They are likable people, very likable.

I love the videos, full of crack.
ぐっちゃ☆ ♫ Forever ムックguccha on September 20th, 2008 08:50 pm (UTC)
Ahaha, i'm glad you liked it.

Yeah, they're definitely not the typical Japanese idol or boybander.. They're all such guys. Stupid, perverted, retarded guys. That's why I love them though, they're so real compared to most everyone else.
NO TOUCHING!annimatronics on September 20th, 2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
:D these guys seem like a whole lot of fun! the interview made me laugh out loud XD

Are there any songs you'd recommend I should check out?
ぐっちゃ☆ ♫ Forever ムック: MUCC / Kokoro no Nai Machiguccha on September 21st, 2008 01:33 am (UTC)
rotfl, i'm glad you enjoyed it~

It all depends on your tastes, really. MUCC tends to experiment with different genres and different sounds, and are extremely versatile, but everything they put out is flawless.

If you like softer JRock, look up the videos for Utagoe, Ame no Orchestra and HORIZONT on Youtube. If you like some darker / louder / harder, I suggest searching for Ware, Arubeki Basho or Zetsubou.

IDK, they have so many videos and songs and.. they're all too good.

My personal favorite song, however, is Kokoro no Nai Machi. It's one of their much softer songs, but.. ;______; So pretty.
the color of her eyes are the color of insanity.: [SuJu M] We got married???propensities on September 21st, 2008 09:38 pm (UTC)
OH LAWDY. xDD This amused me far more than I should have.

And made me love Yukke even more. D8
ぐっちゃ☆ ♫ Forever ムックguccha on September 23rd, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)
ROTFL, YUKKE is seriously a treasure. He's, uh.. definitely a weird one.
And i'm glad you enjoyed it. :D :D
cateris: kai / miyavi LOVE :Dcateris on September 23rd, 2008 06:17 pm (UTC)
This made me TOTALLY happy! I'm gonna add this to my memories. It was fun, full of love and care. I loved it! AND Yuketsuko!!! HAAHHAHAAH! I didn't know about that! (I'm somehow new to the fandom and still just beginning to listen all of their songs :), not knowing too many things about them or reading interviews and such).

Oh, oh, and to add some little thing to your collection, let's not forget:

You should make more posts like these with MUCC! ;)
pandanoburiifu on May 19th, 2009 06:35 am (UTC)
FORENOTE: Yuketsuko advises that you read this while listening to the most painful love song of your favourite band on endless repeat.

This part onwards, until "She can never win. "

is translated from the RTOC picture or made up stuff?
ぐっちゃ☆ ♫ Forever ムック: MUCC / Tatsurou ;; kikoete kudasaiguccha on May 19th, 2009 06:38 am (UTC)
Yes, they're direct translations of the RTOC pictures posted there.
pandanoburiifu on May 19th, 2009 06:39 am (UTC)
that is writtened by who? especially the part with all the time
ぐっちゃ☆ ♫ Forever ムックguccha on May 19th, 2009 06:43 am (UTC)
They're written by Yukke himself, in the role of his female alter-ego "Yuketsuko". His character Yuketsuko is a reoccurring gag of theirs.
pandanoburiifu on May 19th, 2009 06:44 am (UTC)
it's like some funny stuff they made up right?
it sounded pretty gay ._____.
ぐっちゃ☆ ♫ Forever ムックguccha on May 19th, 2009 06:49 am (UTC)
Uh, yes, it's something Yukke and the other guys do for shits and giggles. As for it being gay, Yukke's female alterego is actually rather mild when it comes to how utterly homoerotic the MUCC guys can be. Don't judge them as "sounding pretty gay", that's their sense of humor and goofy personalities. -_____________-

Believe me, the "gay"-ness gets much worse and, if you're uneased by gay-ness, much more disturbing.
pandanoburiifu on May 19th, 2009 06:51 am (UTC)
tbh i like gayness alot cos i find gayness to be amusing
in that case it's even better cos it's written by yukke lol
yukke <333